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04.02.2016: Okay, so it's the 3rd now...
The season to remember!

April is Smilan Heritage Month! The voices of these underrepresented... things will be heard! Check out thrice-weekly updates to The Adventures of Mecha-Smiles above, and more upcoming exclusive content on our Patreon! Please? There's more CML, too, but you'll never know how much you won't like it unless you click the above link!

02.26.2016: Important Smilocide news for you and your loved ones:
Obviously, new pages of Chanterelle and May are up, and as of this week, Mecha-Smiles will be updating twice a week! How nice for you! Also, if you haven't checked out the exclusive FREE content on our Patreon page HERE, you should. Don't ask me why. If you DO feel compelled to put a little change in the hat, know this: The first 20 patrons, even if they only contribute ONE DOLLAR for ONE MONTH and then drop out, will RECEIVE A FREE, ORIGINAL HARD-COPY DRAWING MAILED TO THEIR HOME BY ME. That scarcely covers postage! That's insane! My mental failing is your boon! Don't miss out!

02.14.2016: Honoring the legend of an obscure Catholic martyr with our gift to you: Smilocide Studios is back online! Turning out cartoons and comics from the warped convolusions of our brains to you and your unsuspecting family! If you enjoy your media so far off the beaten path that the path has disappeared over the horizon, then please check out the links above. Thank you and please forgive us. You're welcome.

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